Please go to your country’s application page using your computer or smartphone. Fill out the form and send.

We will be selecting the applicants at our office, so please allow between a few days and a few weeks for the selection process.

 You will be contacted at your email address one week before the competition at the latest.

Thank you for your patience.

Explanation of the Qualifying Rounds

There are 4 groups: A, B, C, and D.

You will be singing a part of the song (the song will cut off after around the first chorus), and the scoring system

 “DAM” will score your singing.

The top 3 (Most of the time. May vary.) from each group will advance to the Grand Prix.

1)Explanation of the Grand Prix

The 12 contestants total that won the Qualifying Rounds will be singing a little longer this time

(the song will cut off after around the second chorus). You may choose the same song you sang at the Qualifying Round. The scoring system “DAM” will score your singing, and the top 3 out of the 12 will advance to the Final Stage.

2)Explanation of the Final Stage

The top 3 that advanced to the Final Stage will be singing a different song. This time, the entire song will be sung.

The scoring system “DAM” will score the singing, and the contestant with the highest score wins, receiving a ticket to go to Japan!

3)Explanation of the “Special Award”

The winner of the Grand Prix is not the only person that gets to fly to Japan.

Out of the 12 contestants in the Grand Prix, the judges will be choosing one person to receive the “Special Award.”

Both the winner of the Grand Prix and the contestant chosen for the “Special Award”

will be flying to Japan for the final competition in Japan.

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